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The personality tests on this site have been developed by experienced psychologists and are scientific, reliable and research based. They will help you understand yourself and your career goals. The personality tests are scored in partnership with

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  • What's Important to You?
    A key factor determining career happiness is how well a job fits your beliefs and values. But few of us have taken the time to identify those in a way that helps us find that perfect fit.  more ...

  • Your Job, Your Personality
    Companies invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars trying to find the right "personality" for a job, often with tests and assessments. Why do they do that? Exactly what do they mean by personality, and how do psychologists measure it? What will they say about your personality?  more ...

  • Finding The Perfect Job
    Tests to help you find a perfect job for your interests are nothing new. But the science has come a long way. Find out about the latest research and models, and how your interests are the key to finding a fulfilling career.  more ...

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